If you’re selling your home and it’s already mostly furnished and just requires some additions, deletions (“editing”) and perhaps a little design “tweaking” here and there, then we would call this “styling”. Here, we’re working with what’s there and just adding a bit more current “style” to it. This could require some additions of small furnishings, art, accessories or some editing or re-arranging of furnishings to make space “breathe” a little easier. Most of the homes that we sell, only require styling services and we offer this service, called our ONE-STOP Styling service FREE OF CHARGE to our real estate clients.


If your property for sale is currently vacant and requires full furnishing including all furniture, accessories, art, etc.., then we also offer “ONE-STOP” staging services to our real estate clients. Much of this service is provided FREE OF CHARGE however it is dependent on the size of the property and other factors (please enquire with us on this).

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